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the context of technology is to publish

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KnowledgeContext published the article Technological Literacy in the journal Classroom Leadership, a publication of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.



World Bank GroupThe World Bank published a report titled The Access Divide, which references research on technology done by KnowledgeContext.  The report demonstrates disparities in access to information and communication technologies and the effect that has on fighting poverty and improving the living standards of people in the developing world



KnowledgeContext's first book, Technology Challenged, shows a general adult audience how to understand and evaluate any technology.  By paralleling our ICE-9 curriculum, pursuing each of the nine questions in greater depth, this book is ideal for teachers interested in the context of technological literacy surrounding ICE-9 or for parents who want to help their children build upon the classroom curriculum.  It has already been adopted by colleges as a course text.

Some of the most important ideas from science, history, sociology, ecology, culture, technology, and the future are distilled into our book.  Two middle school students read the book and interviewed the author. 


Reviews of
Technology Challenged:


Fish don't notice water and most of society doesn't think about technology. But technology grows ever more powerful, and blindly accepting or rejecting it grows ever more dangerous. The critical thinking process described by Aznar opens a door to understanding through which every citizen in our country should walk.

Karl Pister

Chancellor Emeritus

University of California at Santa Cruz

Technology infuses everything we do. Like a gathering storm, it has become the fastest moving, most powerful new element of our natural world. Like any force of nature, it is something we should study well, to chart a course to a better future, a course that takes care of our loved ones along the way. Only a lifelong learner can be a good captain in our technological world, and this scintillating, optimistic book will help you get your sea legs. Read Technology Challenged, consider its advice, and rejoice. This is a wondrous time to be alive.

John Smart


Acceleration Studies Foundation

“Having tracked technology on surprising pathways to its secret dumping grounds in the slums of China and India, I have witnessed both sides of the technology coin — the glory as well as the horror. Our very survival as a species requires that we fully appreciate both possibilities. Anyone concerned about the life and death relationship between our planet's future and technology, should read Technology Challenged.”

Jim Puckett


Basel Action Network

“...Technology Challenged [is] an interesting and pertinent account of the issues behind the concept of technological literacy.  It provides a very readable explanation of the central issues of how technology impacts on us and what we as humans should know and be able to do in relation to the ever expanding role of technology that permeates our lives.”

Robert Wicklein

Professor, College of Education

University of Georgia

Course Syllabus

“As a professor at a university surrounded by passionate technology users, I found Aznar's book inspiring. I have adopted it for use in the Technology Innovation course.”

Raymond Blackwood

University of Advancing Technology


The goal of a Library Media Teacher is to make sure that students have the necessary tools that lead to Information Literacy.   I would recommend Technology Challenged as a guide in this endeavor.  Hopefully, the next generation will lead us on a path of balance that embraces the assets of technology while protecting our environment.  Information leads to understanding and power!

Sylvia Ellefsen

Library Media Teacher

Westlake School

Santa Cruz, California

“Aznar tackles the important issue of how we, as a society, evaluate our technology. With the power to feed the world or to destroy it, technology is worth thinking about.”

Cathy Barlow

Dean, Watson School of Education

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

“Adam Smith's Invisible Hand of the free market is great for distributing resources efficiently, but it doesn't seem to be good at evaluating technology. That takes educating people to a point where they understand technology (at least in broad strokes) and how it impacts our lives. This book fills that gap by giving us the tools to properly evaluate technological change and make informed decisions. Only then can we be masters of our own destinies.”

Patrick Lin


The NanoEthics Group

Technology Challenged is a passionate and personal voyage of discovery into today's complicated world of technology. Here educators and parents can find a simple road map to understanding technology and find a new approach to get across technology’s culture and wisdom to children of all ages.”

Dom Lindars

Senior Director

Oracle Corporation




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Teaching Young People to Think About Technology